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We would like to share an exciting opportunity for nonprofit organizations to provide feedback on the sector. Nonprofit Finance Fund www.nonprofitfinancefund.org is conducting its fifth annual nationwide survey examining the current state of the nonprofit sector – and we hope that you will add your voice. The survey, which is anonymous and takes only 10 minutes to complete, collects data on important financial and management issues facing the nonprofit sector. You can see the findings from previous years here http://nonprofitfinancefund.org/survey.

NFF will analyze responses and provide the results to the sector in March. All survey respondents who choose to give their contact information will receive the results directly. The findings, and the comparison to previous years findings, will help identify the most critical areas of need in the sector.

In last year’s survey, more than 4,500 respondents at nonprofits across the country shared the details of how they are adapting their organizations and finances to economic conditions. The survey revealed that while 2011 was a year of significant organizational and programmatic changes, many nonprofits are still facing fundamental challenges that threaten the stability of the sector and the well-being of the people they serve.

To take the 2013 survey, please click on this link before February 15th!: nonprofitfinancefund.org/2013survey

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